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Murray Cundall Photo - very handsome indeedI started so that I could help other teachers to prepare for classes.

I’ve benefited from other fantastic ESL websites for over a decade of teaching and I just wanted to give a little back to the community and create a creative online space for myself also.

As time goes by I hope to improve and adapt the site and give it more functionality and some more distinguishing features for use by both teachers and learners in ESL/EFL classes.

I’ve been either teaching ESL, authoring curriculum for ESL, or running overseas ESL camps for over 15 years now and have managed to expose myself to a number of different approaches and educational settings. I hope can be a place that saves people time and helps make learning English a little easier for everyone.

Again thanks so much for supporting us, sharing us, and commenting here. If there are questions or comments of a more personal nature you can send by email to:


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