Effective ESL LESSON PLANS made for MODERN YOU TUBE videos!

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Using YouTube in the Classroom
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Why Teach with YouTube Videos?

  • Focus on Modern Topics

  • Free Highly Produced Content

  • Clips Between 1-5 Minutes

  • Motivate and Excite Students to Learn

  • Modern Vocabulary Students Need to Know

  • A Never Ending Supply

Our Lesson’s Teaching Method

  • Before Viewing – Pre Teach (8 words / 2 Phrases)

  • 1st Viewing – Speaking Activities

  • Multiple Viewings – Listening Skills

  • After Viewing – Discussion Questions

  • Homework Pages – Listening/Writing Practice

  • Teacher’s Book with Answers Included

 Teach 12 lessons your students will love, the work is already done!
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This Book Includes Lesson Plans for All These Videos

All video lengths in minutes are between 1:30 – 5:00 (minutes).
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What is the Cloud?

Ambulance Drones

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How to Use Facebook 

What Is Kickstarter?

Anti-Social Network

What Is UBER?

Hyperloop Trains

Community Bike Sharing

A Christmas Miracle

Should We Eat Bugs?

Colonizing Mars

ESL Video Lessons Ready to Print & Teach Right Now!
No need to search for cool videos – We did it!
No need to pull target language – We did it!
No need to transcribe videos – We did it!
No need to make activities – We did it!

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