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FREE ESL Speaking Lesson Plans

All the following FREE SPEAKING LESSON PLANS include:

  • One focused target language point (grammar based) per speaking lesson plan.
  • Students practice and produce the target language through speaking activities.
  • Approximately 90 minutes of speaking practice activities.
  • A set context to generate vocabulary that works well with the target language.
  • Instructions for the teacher.

Speaking lesson plans are listed by difficulty from upper-beginner through upper-advanced. Also you can use the “SITE SEARCH feature (located top-right) to find a speaking lesson on using a specific grammar point very quickly.

Level 2

fast download - lesson 39 - past did questions  Lesson 39 – Past Questions with Did
fast download - lesson 40 - present continuous  Lesson 40 – Present Continuous
fast download - lesson 41 - going to with so and because  Lesson 41 – Going to with So & Because
fast download - lesson 42 - would like  Lesson 42 – Would Like

Level 3

fast download - lesson 49 - present perfect  Lesson 49 – Present Perfect
fast download - lesson 50 - present perfect with for and since  Lesson 50 – Present Perfect with For and Since
fast download - lesson 51 - Imperatives and Infinitive of Purpose  Lesson 51 – Imperatives and Infinitive of Purpose
fast download - lesson 52 - Adverbs of Manner  Lesson 52 – Adverbs of Manner



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Save Hours of Your Time:

  • 40 Lessons
  •  100 Printable Pages
  • Field Trip Lessons
  • Activity Based Lessons
  •  Discussion Questions
  •  Lots of Images
  • Save Hours of Prep Time!
  • Click “Look Inside” to See the Lessons.
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